Set List – 06/04/17

highlights: This was a notably more connected Sunday morning, I'd say. Ryan did a great job of tying his sermon to the songs before and after it. I intentionally choose songs to support the topics and Scriptures that our pastors preach on so it was nice to hear/feel validation on this effort from Ryan. Yay for teamwork.…Read more Set List – 06/04/17

Set List – 05/07/17 (First Sunday with Seacoast Community Church)

highlights: It was my first Sunday at my new home, Seacoast Community Church. To say that I merely enjoyed the morning would be an understatement. It was one of the most welcoming experiences of my life. The people of Seacoast Community Church literally embraced my wife and I after each service. Seriously. So. Many. Hugs. One of my favorite parts…Read more Set List – 05/07/17 (First Sunday with Seacoast Community Church)

Set List – 04/23/17 (Last Sunday with Resonate)

highlights: There wasn't really a "highlight" for this past weekend. The only word that most accurately describes it is "unforgettable." It was my last Sunday as the Music & Worship Arts Director at Emmanuel Faith Community Church, aka the Resonate Worship Leader. Emmanuel Faith has been much more than my place of employment. The people who work…Read more Set List – 04/23/17 (Last Sunday with Resonate)

Set List – 01/08/17

highlights: My highlights from this weekend honestly weren't related to the songs. I saw a friend during the second service for the first time in a while! He and I became friends back when I first started at Resonate. He now works the nightshift so he can't make it to church on Sunday mornings, but decided to stay…Read more Set List – 01/08/17

What’s Up with Christmas Music?

Have you noticed how everyone seems to bond over Christmas music? My wife pointed out that our local Christian radio station was playing White Christmas the other day. We thought it was interesting that although they won’t play secular songs, like Call Me Maybe or Heathens, during the year, they apparently have no problem playing…Read more What’s Up with Christmas Music?

The Sin of Spilled Oats

I made a mistake the other day. My wife and I bought some clear containers from Bed Bath & Beyond for storing our dry goods (we like consistency). I pulled out the container storing the Quaker Oats, but found it empty. Luckily we had just made our monthly Costco trip so there were two 50lbs…Read more The Sin of Spilled Oats

Maybe We Got Relationships All Wrong

My Dad said something profound the other day. (He does that a lot. Maybe it’s his age. Maybe it’s his bald head. I don’t know. All I know, is that the man is a modern day sage/prophet/guru.) He said, “You know, son, the more I get to know your Mom, the more I am changed.”…Read more Maybe We Got Relationships All Wrong