My highlights from this weekend honestly weren’t related to the songs. I saw a friend during the second service for the first time in a while! He and I became friends back when I first started at Resonate. He now works the nightshift so he can’t make it to church on Sunday mornings, but decided to stay up THROUGH THE MORNING to do so. It was really good to see him; put a huge smile on my face. Church is nothing without the people who make it up (or without Jesus). Along that same vein, my friends, who are missionaries in Asia, visited our services and shared what God’s doing in their lives. The best part of their visit was seeing their two year old daughter, who is SO CUTE!!!

Of course, the songs that we sang were pretty cool too. I actually didn’t lead vocally on any of them. Instead, two of my talented female singers/friends took charge. I’d never heard Exalted One led by a female vocal before then. It was tight; Paramore-vibes, ya feel me?


Hosanna as sung by Hillsong United

You’ll Come as sung by Hillsong United

Exalted One as sung by Elevation Worship

Soon as sung by Hillsong United

Hallelujah Chorus (from Hallelujah What A Savior as sung by Ascend The Hill)

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