Temitope (Teh-ME-toh-PEH) is a worship artist empowering a movement united by music that advances multiculturalism in and through the family of God. His name, originating from the Yorùbá tribe in Nigeria, means “mine is praise” and he wears that name proudly. Using music, he shares his reason for praise; the unconditionally love of God for everyone, as he was taught by his Nigerian and British immigrant parents. Regardless of native homelands, skin color, political preferences, thoughts or feeling, everyone has a place in God’s family because of Jesus. With that as his foundation, he invites everyone to join in the family. 

Temitope released his first collection of songs, ọkan – EP, in early 2019, which includes a tribute to his ethnic heritage in Mercy Song (Iwọ Imọlẹ), in which listeners are led to sing in Yorùbá. He continues to write new songs and is working on a new EP which will be released soon.

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