I tend to talk in between songs on Sunday mornings (which is probably no surprise to you due to my extensive amount of blog posts). I’m mostly talking to myself. It’s easy to autopilot during worship music sets so I consciously fight against it by verbally reminding myself of why we’re singing. Simply put, I believe not only is God worthy of our praise but also that we find strength for living when we focus on Him (Isaiah 40:28-31).

During one of my monologues this past weekend, I noticed a congregant motioning her husband to look at her watch, which in turn signaled me to wrap up. My last boss continually reminded me that the most impactful things can be said with the least amount of words (obviously, I’m still learning that because I definitely ramble). Honestly, at first I was peeved, but I truly came to appreciate her unintentional reminder for me to be succinct. That simple look out at her gave me perspective. Our church services aren’t all about singing, me or any one thing/person for that matter. They’re all about one thing; worshipping our great God and we worship Him in a variety of ways! It’s important to make time for those other ways of worship and allow ample time for people to engage in them.

There’s an hidden bridge between what happened that morning and my current situation. My transition to Seacoast Community Church has been a ride. At one point, it felt like I’d be rutted for a long time but God was with me there and now. He reminded me that my  sad feelings wouldn’t last forever and overtime, I began to see that truth. When I started focusing more on what He was doing by looking out at Him, I found a new strength to take on life’s changes. It’s by that strength, His strength, that I continue onward. My situation hasn’t really changed, but my perspective and attitude are definitely on the up.


10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) as sung by Matt Redman

Great Are You Lord as sung by All Sons and Daughters

Come Thou Fount (I Will Sing) as sung by Chris Tomlin

Good Good Father as sung by Chris Tomlin

Forever Reign as sung by Hillsong Chapel

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