TEMITOPE (Teh-ME-toh-PEH) is an artist, educator and activist based out of Nashville, TN. “Temitope” originates from the Yorùbá tribe in Nigeria, and means “mine is thanks.” He was raised in a multicultural home by his Nigerian and British immigrant parents in San Diego, CA, and as such, understands the importance of reconciliation. TEMITOPE firmly believes that God has created each person to reflect His heart in a way that only he or she can. 

In light of this, TEMITOPE walks purposely as he leads a music movement empowering the Church to become reconcilers by loving ourselves and others beyond comfort so that we can see authentic people in a multicultural Church for a reconciled world. The sound of this movement, which TEMITOPE defines as “horizontal worship,” is purposely crafted to mobilize the Church to mending relational divides, often created by differences involving color, culture and creed. Through conversations, music and educational resources, TEMITOPE hopes to remind the Church that we are meant to embody the multicultural heart of God. By standing together with our differences, instead of standing against each other because of our differences, we experience more of God and a glimpse of heaven.

When he’s not building this movement on the road, TEMITOPE, his wife, Jordan, and their kids enjoy intentional time together and with others. You wouldn’t be surprised to see diverse faces around their dinner table. As TEMITOPE says, their home is “full of life.”