This was a notably more connected Sunday morning, I’d say. Ryan did a great job of tying his sermon to the songs before and after it. I intentionally choose songs to support the topics and Scriptures that our pastors preach on so it was nice to hear/feel validation on this effort from Ryan. Yay for teamwork. 🙂

Another notable “connector” from this past weekend happened was during the song, Only King Forever. It was the first time that the people at Seacoast had ever sung it during services. Only King Forever is really special to me because it was the “rally song” for Resonate while I was there. Singing it with the Seacoast congregation brought up fond memories from my time at EFCC. I dearly miss those people, but still feel strongly connected to them. Especially after singing Only King Forever. The song reminded me that though we are in different locations and have different names for our meeting places, we’re all worshiping our one King. I am thankful to know that there are so many great churches, like Seacoast and EFCC, working to advance the kingdom of God in San Diego, California, the United States and all over the world. My heart is with each one them as we worship on Sunday mornings.


Here For You as sung by Matt Redman

Only King Forever as sung by Elevation Worship

How Great Is Our God as sung by Chris Tomlin

How Great Thou Art

Christ Is Enough as sung by Hillsong Worship

Be Thou My Vision as sung by Ascend The Hill

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