Behind The Song: The God Of Our Fathers

Our church is going through a series called, "The God Of Our Fathers," so I decided to write a song to accompany the series (yes, it has the same name). I'm a huge fan of churches writing their own songs (I've done so twice with this one and that one). There is something powerful about…Read more Behind The Song: The God Of Our Fathers

Behind The Song: Jesus Emmanuel

Every year, our church hosts a few Christmas concerts and I’m in charge of one. It’s called Songs of Christmas and it’s fantastic. It’s also a lot of work. Hours upon hours are spent finding a theme, picking songs, creating arrangements, rehearsing, set designing, etc. If it were not for the amazing volunteers that help…Read more Behind The Song: Jesus Emmanuel

Why Are There Easter Songs?

I totally get why we celebrate and sing songs about Easter, i.e. the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, but shouldn’t we be doing that all of the time? If so, then why do we “save” certain songs for Easter? Do church songwriters actually write “day specific” songs? As a songwriter myself, I know that…Read more Why Are There Easter Songs?