Behind The Song: The God Of Our Fathers

Our church is going through a series called, "The God Of Our Fathers," so I decided to write a song to accompany the series (yes, it has the same name). I'm a huge fan of churches writing their own songs (I've done so twice with this one and that one). There is something powerful about…Read more Behind The Song: The God Of Our Fathers

Set List – 03/12/17

highlights: We sang What A Beautiful Name for this first time this past weekend. In classic fashion, Brooke Ligertwood (Fraser) hit another home run with this song. We're currently in our Global Outreach series. The theme, No Longer Strangers, is meant to signify that there are no strangers in the family of God (Ephesians 2:11-22). Salvation through Jesus is not for a…Read more Set List – 03/12/17

Set List – 02/12/17

highlights: Singing Come Thou Fount as a tag to Soon was really powerful. Singing hymns seems to unite people. Maybe it's because of their familiarity or traditional nature. Whatever the case may be, everyone seemed to connect with that song the most. I truly enjoy blending newer songs with older ones. It creates new meaning for both songs, at least for…Read more Set List – 02/12/17

We’re in The Upside Down (Kind Of; Minus the Demogorgon) 

The current age of the Church feels like an “Upside Down” of sorts (thank you, Stranger Things). We know that Jesus already came to save us from our sins (Hebrews 10:1-18). We also know that He is coming back to claim us (John 14:1-3), but we don’t know when exactly (Matthew 24:42-44). So what do we…Read more We’re in The Upside Down (Kind Of; Minus the Demogorgon) 

No Set List – 01/15/17

I will not be posting this past weekend's setlist because I led worship at a winter camp all weekend long, and had a blast doing so! We played A LOT of songs. Seriously. If you really want to know what they all were, feel free to contact me. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE leading at camps, retreats and other churches. I…Read more No Set List – 01/15/17

“I’ll Be Back” (As Originally said by Jesus, not the Terminator) 

Before He ascended into Heaven, Jesus promised us that He would return for us, but He didn’t give us a time or date. In fact, He Himself doesn’t even know when He’ll return, only that He will (Matthew 24:36-41). Until He does return, however, He gave us the task of going to tell others about…Read more “I’ll Be Back” (As Originally said by Jesus, not the Terminator) 

What’s Up with Christmas Music?

Have you noticed how everyone seems to bond over Christmas music? My wife pointed out that our local Christian radio station was playing White Christmas the other day. We thought it was interesting that although they won’t play secular songs, like Call Me Maybe or Heathens, during the year, they apparently have no problem playing…Read more What’s Up with Christmas Music?