Set List – 07/02/17

highlights: I was back in the saddle leading worship music this past weekend and it felt awesome. I think my "Sunday off" provided some much needed rest. I didn't know it at the time, but I felt notably more rejuvenated and refreshed going into the morning. Each service felt right. In fact, one of the…Read more Set List – 07/02/17

Set List – 06/18/17

highlights: We sang We Fall Down from our knees and it was very humbling for me. After reflecting on Psalm 95:6-7, we kneeled before God together and offered Him our crowns. None of us laid down the same "crown." For some, it was "good health" or "getting my dream job." For others, it was "control of…Read more Set List – 06/18/17

Set List – 06/04/17

highlights: This was a notably more connected Sunday morning, I'd say. Ryan did a great job of tying his sermon to the songs before and after it. I intentionally choose songs to support the topics and Scriptures that our pastors preach on so it was nice to hear/feel validation on this effort from Ryan. Yay for teamwork.…Read more Set List – 06/04/17

Set List – 02/19/17

highlights: Each time we've sung Jesus Emmanuel has been special and this past weekend was no different. Singing this homegrown song means a lot to me; I feel much more connected to whole congregation. When we wrote it, we had the hearts of our people in mind. The words are meant to encourage them and us as we learn to walk through life with God. The…Read more Set List – 02/19/17

Set List – 01/08/17

highlights: My highlights from this weekend honestly weren't related to the songs. I saw a friend during the second service for the first time in a while! He and I became friends back when I first started at Resonate. He now works the nightshift so he can't make it to church on Sunday mornings, but decided to stay…Read more Set List – 01/08/17

Set List – 07/31/16

Taste of Eternity as sung by Bellarive Lord You Have My Heart as sung by Delirious? Love Came Down as sung by Brian Johnson My Heart Is Yours as sung by Kristian Stanfill Give Me Faith as sung by Elevation Worship I Give You My Heart as sung by Reuben Morgan Be Thou My Vision as sung by…Read more Set List – 07/31/16