Temitope’s music evokes the call to unconditionally love everyone, as he was taught by his Nigerian and British immigrant parents. Temitope began playing guitar and piano at his local church at an early age, which eventually led him to start multiple bands with friends. Through these experiences, Temitope began appreciating the power music has to advance multiculturalism through uniting diverse and unlikely people, and throughout college, sought to do so.

After graduating from Biola University, Temitope completed a graduate degree through Drexel University and moved to Dallas, Texas, to work for Southwest Airlines’ corporate marketing communications department. He also continued writing songs and leading worship music whenever possible. Later, Temitope was given the opportunity to become a worship pastor in San Diego, California.  Worshipping with the congregation at his local church, and as a guest artist for other churches in the surrounding area, rekindled Temitope’s passion for writing worship songs which led to him pursuing God’s calling for his life with more fervor than ever before.

Temitope released his first EP, ọkan, in early 2019, and soon found himself invited to move his young family to Hume Lake Christian Camps, where he led worship music for 9,000 campers over nine weeks. ọkan is expressive of Temitope’s desire to unite all people under the banner of Jesus. Temitope even pays tribute to his ethnic heritage in Mercy Song (Iwọ Imọlẹ), in which listeners are led to sing in Yorùbá, his father’s native Nigerian language.

Since the release of ọkan, Temitope has moved from San Diego, California to Boise, Idaho with his wife, Jordan, and their kids.  His time is split between working as the Creative Director at Calvary Boise and leading worship music at various churches, retreats, camps, and events along the Western United States and Canada.


chord charts.
There Is Hope
God You Reign
In The Waiting
Mercy Song