Temitope “Tobi” Peters is the son of Nigerian and British immigrants. He grew up in a household with a deep appreciation for music, though neither of his parents play instruments. By the age of five, Temitope was enrolled in piano lessons. He expanded his musical abilities to guitar, bass and drums in junior high. During high school, he was invited by a friend to join the worship team at his local church after overhearing him sing and play guitar by himself in a room. He didn’t recognize it immediately, but this invitation was a huge moment in Temitope’s life. It was through serving on this worship team, as well as mentorship from his youth pastor and other church leaders, that his passion for worship music and theology began to grow.

Since then, Temitope has had many opportunities to lead worship music at churches, conferences and camps around the world. He firmly believes that God has given him the gift of worship leadership and is honored to have opportunities to use it in helping others experience more of God’s presence. Temitope is also eager to see a more unified church. He believes that the gospel calls us to oneness, not separation, and calls out the enemy for using denominations and other “names” to separate the body. Temitope seeks to use his music to draw the church together as they stand and proclaim the name of Jesus together with one voice. He also exhorts the church to display the love and mercy of God though advocating for social justice issues, such as those including race, immigration, adoption and disability. He believes that we play a vital role in continuing God’s story in the world today and earnestly prays that through exercising his gift of music, he helps soften hearts to what the Spirit of God wants to do in and through the people of God.











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