Temitope created The Lumpy Couch to provide tools for the Church to use in implementing the work of reconciliation through the power of God.

Generally speaking, Temitope sees himself more as of an “equipper” than an “artist.” He sees his music as tool for the Church to use, however it is not the only one. By pairing music with resources, such as visual experiences and books, Temitope and his team extend opportunities for the Church to exercise the language and practices of reconciliation embedded in his music. Many of these opportunities are further enhanced through partnering with accomplished professionals and organizations actively advancing the work of reconciliation in their own right. 

Though it is still in its beginning stages, Temitope and his team hope that The Lumpy Couch will become an invaluable ministry for engaging the whole Church in the work of reconciliation. This work is not meant to be done by some, but rather the whole.