I’ve found Holy Spirit to be a strong opening song for church. The lyrics really set the mood not only for the worship music set, but for the entire church service. This past weekend was evidence of this. We opened the service with Holy Spirit and afterwards reflected on Romans 15:13. I could feel the room lighten as people rested in the peace offered to us through the Holy Spirit.

I love taking opportunities to tie songs with the Bible because it reminds us all that worship songs aren’t written arbitrarily. Most are inspired by the attributes we know of, things done and words spoken by God recorded in the Bible (as well as what we experience of Him today, but I’ll save that topic for another time). As such, I believe that the lyrics we sing truly have the power to change our lives. Remembering this definitely causes me to take my job as a worship pastor much more seriously. I am very careful to only include Biblically based songs in our church because above anything, I want people to know God more; not the latest hit or current trend. Songs cannot and will never replace the Bible however I do find myself moved by the melodies in light of what God’s Word says. I think others do too.


Holy Spirit as sung by Jesus Culture

Awakening as sung by Chris Tomlin

What A Beautiful Name as sung by Hillsong Worship

Jesus Name Above All Names

Forever Reign as sung by Hillsong Live

Because He Lives as sung by David Crowder Band

Christ Is Enough as sung by Hillsong Worship

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