We had baptisms during both of our services last weekend; a lot of them (something like eight per service). Our pastoral team worked really hard to make sure that the baptisms were connected with everything else going on during the services. We didn’t want to reduce the baptisms to just an “add on,” but instead as an essential element to the whole worship experience. Matt, who was preaching that morning out of Philippians 1, reminded us that our purpose on earth is to display Christ to others, no matter the cost. As a response to that call, we sang The Stand. Our voices declared that all we have and are belongs to God. The baptisms began afterwards. The timing of this was powerful. We, as a church body, were able to hear stories from members of our family, both young and old, that explained their decision to be baptized. Then we watched them get baptized. It was amazing. No one story was the same or “finished,” but all were united, us watching included, in striving to always stand for Christ.


Forever as sung by Michael W. Smith

10,000 Reasons as sung by Matt Redman

In Christ Alone as sung by Passion ft. Kristian Stanfill

The Stand as sung by Hillsong United

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