Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) was hands down the highlight of the morning. We set up the song by reading Matthew 21:6-11. I wanted us to feel the anticipation of our coming King Jesus before singing, similar to how the people at that time might have felt. We closed our eyes together and saw the men, women, boys and girls crowding the streets as they laid their coats and palm branches on the road to welcome their King. As the passage was read, we heard the voices of them shouting, “Hosanna,” as He passed by. Then we literally heard voices singing “Hosanna,” as we sang Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) together. At the second verse, little kids walked into the room and started singing with us (which was SO CUTEEEEEE). Later on, during the second chorus, more little ones entered the room waving palm branches. It was memorable morning. Definitely one of my favorite thus far.


Alive in Us as sung by Hillsong Worship

How Great Thou Art

Glorious Day as sung by Passion

Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) as sung by Paul Baloche

There Is Hope as sung by Temitope Peters & The Resonate Band

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