I feel like there are not a ton of upbeat worship songs nowadays, which is slightly ironic because being a Christian is a joyful thing. Of course, there are difficult aspects. As co-heirs with Christ Jesus, we are assured of sharing in His sufferings but also of sharing in His glory (Romans 8:16-17). Our present trials are not our future glory. The strength to endure today is found in the hope of our future with Him. In fact, Psalm 28:7 reminds us that His joy is our strength.

That concept consumed my thoughts for a few weeks. I wanted to know how exactly I could find strength in His joy. In my hunt for answers, I came across Ephesians 2. This entire passage talks about how in Christ Jesus, we’re made alive. We were literally and figuratively dead before but through Him, we have life. Praise God for His grace! We didn’t and don’t deserve life, but He freely gives it to us anyway; not without reason though. Verse 10 reminds us that we were created in Christ to use this life to point people to God. We were created to glorify God. That is our purpose. In Christ, this is possible so no matter what comes our way, God can and does receive the glory.

This is a really hard concept to swallow for me. Acknowledging it means that I exist not for my happiness or promotion, but for God’s glory. I strive to welcome both ease and pain because His glory is more more important than my comfort. His glory is more important than my life.

So how does joy fit into this? To me, the joy comes simply knowing that I’m being used by my King to advance His kingdom. He doesn’t need me but by His grace, through Jesus, my messy life can show His glory and draw people to Him. I love that! God, use me however You want! Furthermore, I believe that nothing I face in this life will ever separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus that created a way for me to physically experience His glory in heaven forever. This life is not the end. I am promised something greater in a future with God in heaven. I’m REALLY excited for that.

With all of this (and much more) in mind, I wrote There Is Hope (in my bathroom, might I add).  I pray that these words encourage you to continually give your life to the One who created it for His glory.

Download the song for free here.

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