The bridge of What A Beautiful Name really challenged me this past Sunday. It was one of those morning when things weren’t going as planned (which happens more often than not) so I was becoming frustrated. I half-expected our congregation to sympathize with me but when I looked out into the room, I didn’t see people really acknowledging me at all. They were simply engaged in worshipping our great God. Through them, I was reminded that God doesn’t need me to get the glory (Acts 17:24-28). He is glorified whether things go as I planned or not. His is the glory. His is the name above all names. People don’t and/or shouldn’t come on Sunday mornings to get a “good service design by Tobi” but rather to worship the living God, who is worthy of all glory, honor and thanks (Revelation 4:11). I am thankful to serve a congregation who understands this.


Our God Is Love as sung by Hillsong Worship

One Thing Remains as sung by For All Seasons

What A Beautiful Name as sung by Hillsong Worship

Jesus Name Above All Names

Jesus Emmanuel as sung by Temitope Peters & The Resonate Band

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