Each time we’ve sung Jesus Emmanuel has been special and this past weekend was no different. Singing this homegrown song means a lot to me; I feel much more connected to whole congregation. When we wrote it, we had the hearts of our people in mind. The words are meant to encourage them and us as we learn to walk through life with God. The bridge puts this process into the form of a prayer: “[God,] give us eyes to see Your presence here with us [and] ears to hear sovereign truth for us.” Those words are true for us. We all truly desire to see God for who He really is and thus experience life differently. He is always with us. For that reason, we can praise Him regardless of what we go through. We are never alone.


Be Thou My Vision as sung by Ascend The Hill

Jesus Emmanuel as sung by Temitope Peters & The Resonate Band

Waiting Here For You as sung by Christy Nockels

Even So Come as sung by Passion

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