Give Me Faith went OFF. The lyrics seemed to really connect with our people on Sunday morning. I found that the words were especially timely for me in light of the morning’s events. Our team had a pretty rough day. Issues kept surfacing from broken instruments and gear to failed expectations in our personal lives. For me as the leader, I found myself having to consciously trust (more than I normally do, admittedly) that God was still moving regardless of how things were going. That through His Spirit, our team would find the strength to lead His people as He had called us. Thankful, we did. Everything worked out. The services went differently than I expected, but they were still good. People had an opportunity to worship God through singing, hearing from His Word and spending time together. What more could I ask for? I’m learning our “perfection” is not what makes our churches good. God alone makes our church good.


God Is In Control as sung by Covenant Worship

Jesus Emmanuel as sung by Temitope Peters & The Resonate Band

Give Me Faith as sung by Elevation Worship

God With Us as sung by Jesus Culture

Not For A Moment as sung by Vertical Church Band

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