Songs of Christmas has been a lot of work this year, but not just for me. Other staff members and many amazing volunteers have contributed sweat, blood and tears in order to make this a Christmas event to remember. That being said, there will be some things done differently this year than in years past (which is to be expected, I’m sure). I hope the doves don’t poop on your heads. JK. Or am I?

Amidst the long hours of planning and preparation, I keep reminding myself of why we’re putting so much energy into this event. It’s definitely not to make a name for ourselves or to “beat” other churches (honestly, there are way “cooler” churches out there). I believe that our work reflects the Worker (Colossians 3:1-17) and we always, in all things, want to represent Him as best as we can. Our team has worked hard to put our best foot forward with this event again, but only in order to greater proclaim the name of Jesus. Our sole goal is to use our talents and gifts to further His story in our world (Acts 20:24).

Songs of Christmas is a unique event because it draws a wide range of people, including those have not yet experienced the love of God through Jesus. Almost everyone enjoys listening and singing Christmas songs so we enjoy creating a space for that to happen. Nevertheless, I don’t want people to walk away thinking, “Wow, that was great.” I want them to walk away thinking, “Wow, God is great.”

All of the lights, all of the music, all of the decor and all of the time that was put into this event was done in hopes of pointing people to Jesus. He is the reason that we sing. He is the reason that we celebrate hope and joy this season. Knowing that God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to make a way for us to be with Him forever changes everything (1 John 4:7-12). If just one person walks away from Songs of Christmas realizing this truth for the first time, all of our efforts were worth it.

Here is my prayer:

Father God,

I thank You for Jesus. Thank you for what He means to me and everyone else. Through Him, I am made righteous. Through Him, I have the promise of Your presence. Through Him, I have hope, joy and peace. May all who attend Songs of Christmas experience these things as well. May the team not be distracted by our desire for professionalism, nor those attending be distracted by the “show.” May everyone, those who know You and those who don’t, see You clearly. Bring the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Be the center of our planning, execution and conversations. Jesus, receive all of the glory and honor today, on this night and forevermore.

I commit this event to You in the name of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit,


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